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University of Oregon

Small Group Project Indentification

The Financial Stewardship Institute (“FSI”) prepares UO employees to be leaders in the area of responsible financial management of the university’s resources. Given the growing complexity of the university’s business environment, it is critical that employees with responsibilities for managing budgets have an opportunity to continue to expand their knowledge and skills.

An essential element of the FSI involves the application of financial stewardship principles taught in the workshops to real issues at the University of Oregon. Examples of projects that have been used in prior years can be found at:

What we are asking of you
Take advantage of this free consulting service. Utilize consultants who are trained on the principles of financial stewardship, and the UO specific practices by identifying projects the 2016-17 FSI participants can explore, serving as consultants to you, researching the issue, identifying best practices, and making viable recommendations to address your issue of interest/concern.

Guidelines in identifying a project to submit:

  1. Focus of the project
    The project must have a financial impact on the overall UO budget and require strategic thinking to be resolved
    • The project should involve a complex issue that you need the advice of a financial consultant on.
    • Participants in the FSI will serve as consultants, focusing on applying principles around financial stewardship, accounting, payables, receivables, and collections, contracting, sponsored projects, risk services, internal controls and fraud prevention, financial reporting and analysis, records management, HR and payroll, to your project.

  2. Timeline for the project
    • Participants will begin working on the project on: Wednesday, January 4, 2017
    • Presentation of recommendations to the sponsors will occur on March 1, 2017, at the FSI Capstone Session.

  3. Role of the sponsoring department
    • December 1, 2016 (deadline for submissions)
           Identify, and submit a project for FSI Consultants to work on.
    • January 4, 2017: 10:45am - noon
           One-hour meeting with the FSI participants to provide an overview of the project and answer any questions
    • January and February, 2017
           Be available to answer questions from the consultants as they prepare their recommendation for your project.
    • March 1, 2017
           Attend the FSI Capstone session at the time your project recommendations are being presented.  You will receive an
           invitation with information about when your group is presenting their recommendations.

  4. Submitting your proposal for a small group project