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University of Oregon
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Hazardous Waste Generator

Category: Safety and Risk Services Department: SRS - Environmental Health and Safety

This training is required for all UO employees, lab personnel, and affiliates that produce, handle, collect, or submit hazardous waste for disposal.  Hazardous waste is waste that is dangerous or potentially harmful to our health or the environment.  Hazardous wastes can be liquids, solids, gasses, or sludge.  They can be discarded commercial products like cleaning fluids or pesticides, or the by-products of manufacturing processes.


This class must be taken within 6 months of first producing, handling, or collecting hazardous waste.

Additional Information:

More information on the UO Hazardous Waste Program can be found at:

Class size is limited.  IF you register for this course and are unable to attend, please cancel your reservation.  If you plan to attend a class, please register via Making Tracks; the class may be canceled if there are no registered attendees.

Be sure to arrive on time for the class.  Do not attend this class if you are ill.  Please cancel your registration and register for another time.

Parking:  We would highly recommend walking from your department, riding your bike, or taking the bus/EmX to the training.  Parking in the lot by 1715 Franklin Blvd. is limited.  If you must park and have a UO permit, parking spaces may be available in lot 37 (Columbia Garage, paid parking is available here also) or the lots by Parking and Transportation near Franklin Blvd. and Walnut Street.

Questions may be directed to Matthew Hendrickson, Chemical Safety Officer, at 6-9299 or


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Matt Hendrickson
1715 Franklin Blvd Rm 271
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Oct 3rd, 2017 10:15 am — 11:00 am 45 mins