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University of Oregon
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Excel - Beginner (AP+)

Category: Computer and Technology Skills Department: HR/Professional Development

This class will cover all of the basics of creating and formatting spreadsheets, including formulas (arithmetic operators, functions, relative and absolute settings, and groupings), fonts, borders, grids, print/format choices, fill-by-example and custom lists.  We will check out default seeings, learn about split and freeze commands, sort and filter data, and create simple charts.

Additional Information:

For Excel 2016

Handouts will be provided for Excel 2016, however, anyone using Excel 2013 would not be at a disadvantage in attending this session as the versions are very similar.  You are welcome to bring your laptop in order to have the version of Excel used in your office.


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Deb Sorensen, Automation Plus+
PeaceHealth North Building, Room 478 (677 E. 12th Ave., 12th & Hilyard)
Internet Based
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Oct 10th, 2017 09:00 am — 04:00 pm 7 hrs