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University of Oregon
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Aerial & Scissor-Lift

Category: Safety and Risk Services Department: SRS - Environmental Health and Safety

This class is designed for Authorized UO employees with job duties that require using aerial-lifts, boom-lifts, man-lifts, and/or scissor-lifts, etc.

Subject matter outlines specific Authorized Operator duties and will include Aerial-Lift definitions, major safety hazards, Authorized Operators, standard Aerial-Lift and Scissor-Lift requirements, safe work practices, pre-operation inspections, workplace inspection, set-up, PPE, safety information, and hands-on department specific equipment use.  Information handouts are given to attendees.

Estimated class length: 1 hour


Generally, these employees have been identified by their Supervisors.  Supervisor approval required to attend the training.

Additional Information:

Those attending the class are requested to bring their fall protection equipment (full body harness, lanyard, etc.) to the class in order to participate in the operation of the Lift equipment.  The operation of the equipment is necessary in order to receive your Aerial-Lift and Scissor-Lift Operator training Certification Card.

A training Certification Card will be issued after satisfactory completion of the class, testing, and equipment use evaluation.

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Haily Griffith
Central Power Station
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Dates & Times

Date Time Length
Jun 5th, 2017 06:00 am — 07:00 am 1 hr