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FIS Invoice Upload

Category: Business Skills Department: BAO

The purpose of this course is to introduce users to the processes and methodology around uploading multiple Invoices into Banner simultaneously.  This function is intended to save time for users that have a need to create multiple invoices simultaneously.

This class does not cover how to create or pay FIS Purchase Orders or FIS Encumbrances created in Banner, nor does the course instruct end users on how to create individual invoices in Banner using FAAINVE.    Please see the course descriptions for the FIS Purchase Orders, FIS Invoices Pay Purchase Orders, and FIS Encumbrances, FIS Invoices, Part 1 and FIS Invoices, Part 2 training for more information on these classes.

Restriction: Banner Access Prerequisite:

1. Established Access to Banner

2. Complete: Banner Access Form (BAF) for Appworx (job FWPINVH) and FIS/HRIS/Accounts Receivable User Profile (FUP)  

3. Completion of FIS Invoices, Part 1 and FIS Invoices, Part 2

4. Access to Banner Test

Session Information

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Banner Access

Sherrie Canfield x 6-3152
Thompson University Center, Rm 305
Internet Based
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Dates & Times

Date Time Length
May 31st, 2017 10:00 am — 12:00 pm 2 hrs