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Workplace Harassment Prevention


Online courses - mandatory - follow the instructions below to complete the two required online courses.

  • Note:  Before starting, please set your computer to allow pop-ups for:  This program can be viewed through any Internet browser.

Approximate time to complete the two online courses:  90 minutes

  • Note:  The EduRisk course can be completed in one sitting, or you can take a break and return.

Purpose of this training: 

  • This training is being provided to elevate employee awareness of what constitutes workplace harassment and how to report it at the University of Oregon.

Target audience

  • This training is required for UO employees, adjunct professors, and Graduate Employees.
  • Note: Student employees and temporary employees are not required to complete the training but are strongly encouraged to do so.

There are 4 steps to complete the required training within 90 days of your hire.

___ Step 1:  Print this instruction page

___ Step 2:  Download the Resource Guide BEFORE starting the courses

Launching the first online course (EduRisk):

___ Step 3:  Launch Workplace Harassment Fundamentals

Note:  Follow the instructions below to register with EduRisk so you can access the online course. This course is not accessible by mobile devices.

  • "Register Now":  If you are a new to EduRisk
  • "Institutional Code":  Note: you must authenticate to retrieve this institutional code.  To authenticate:
    • Use your official UO email address as your username (save your EduRisk password)
  • "Department" and "Position": Choose titles that most closely apply to you
  • "Role: 
    • FACULTY includes Officers of Instruction, Research, and Administration, and GTF's
    • STAFF includes classified employees, student employees and temporary employees
    Note:  Do NOT use "Student" or "Other" as a role
  • "Employee ID":  use your nine digit employee ID number, e.g., 95...
  • Hit "Register" button at the bottom of the page - you'll be asked for a code.  Use this link for the "Institutional Code":
    • Retrieve the temporary password from you UO email account
    • To complete your registration, login on the EduRisk site with your user name and the temporary password. Note:  You will be prompted to create a permanent password.
  • After submitting your registration use the following sequence to access the EduRisk course:
    • 1) Workplace Harassment Prevention and then, 2) Workplace Harassment Fundamentals, then 3) Get Started and then 4) Course.
  • Need help with EduRisk (first course)?
      • Make sure you click the "next" button on the final slide of this course to assure completion.  You will receive an email stating you have completed the course. 
      • You can also check your transcript on the EduRisk site under your "User Profile".

Now, for the second online course:

___ Step 4: Launch UO Online Supplement to Workplace Harassment Prevention

  • Type in your UO ID number(e.g. 95...)Have your UO ID (95#)
    • Print a confirmation:  On the last screen of the UO Supplement, when asked to enter your name, print a screen shot as your confirmation of completion

If you have completed the four steps above, you have met the University of Oregon training requirement for the mandatory training on Workplace Harassment Prevention. 

Please complete a short online survey to evaluate the overall learning experience.

 If you have any questions about this mandatory training, please send them to: 


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