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University of Oregon

Drupal Training 2: Drupal Intermediate

Watch the training videos back to back here or follow the chapter links below to view a specific video.


This training was offered 5/28/2012.

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This upper division of Drupal training was open to IT personnel only (web developers)
Part 2.1: Developing Structure
Project Discussion: Site Name

Site Purpose / Objective

Initiate personal Drupal Garden site
Books: Outlining Exercise, Book Navigation Block, Auto Navigation, Printer Friendly Feature
Taxonomy: Taxonomy Drill Down Exercise

  • Tagging
  • Term Definitions
  • How Taxonomy Relates Content

Part 2.2: Engineering Blocks
What are Blocks?
Block/Theme Relationship
Configuring and Enabling Default Blocks:

  • Poll Block
  • Blog Block
  • Gallery Block


  • Reordering Menu Items
  • Create Custom Menu
  • Enable Custom Menu Block

Custom Blocks:

  • Create Facebook Like Box Block
  • Create Video Highlight Block

Part 2.3: Advanced Feature Overviews
Custom Node Types Using Fields:

  • What is a Custom Node Type?
  • Import a custom node type
  • Field Manager introduction
  • Basic Field Configuration


  • What is ImageCache
  • Create an ImageCache preset
  • Apply ImageCache preset to node field

Views: What are Views?

  • Import a View
  • Views Displays
  • Apply ImageCache preset to view field