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University of Oregon

Drupal Training 1: Drupal Basics

Drupal is a content management system (CMS) used to build web sites.  This workshop will provide an overview of steps necessary to publish and maintain the content.    

Part 1.0 UO Content Preparation:  Plan your site with a paragraph or, manage the boss with a paragraph;

From WYSIWYG to Node and back, some good terms to know;

What in the world is a wire-frame? Usability basics;

Writing for the web and web standards;

What does web accessibility mean?;

Posting photos the right way;

Why is this so hard? Overview of web security and web patches;

Questions and discussion.

Part 1.1 Basics: Introduction to Drupal / Why Drupal?;

What is the differences between a CMS and a Static site?;

Logging In/Out;

Creating Content by using WYISWYG Editor, Links, Style Editor, Input Formats, Menu Settings, Revision Tracking, File Attachments, Create Draft;

Beginning Content Management.

Part 1.2 Content Creation: Node Types - Book Page, Poll; Media and Webform.


Watch the training videos back to back here or follow the chapter links below to view a specific video.


This training was offered 5/25/2012.

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