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University of Oregon

Career Transition Training and Services

When making a career transition, tap into the resources available at the University of Oregon. One resource that can help you direct your efforts is the Skillsoft/Skillport e-learning resource. This resource is available to all UO employees 24x7, at no charge. Please note: Authentication is required. eLearning resources are available to UO employees and remain accessible through the last day of employment. The following links will prompt you to log-in with your DuckID and Password, if you haven't already.

See the list of courses below to help you get started.

Content Areas

Provider: Professional Development Skillsoft e-learning

  • 1. Career planning


  • 2. Job search strategies

Books 24x7:

  • 3. Networking


  • 4. Interviewing


  • 5. Holding difficult conversations


  • 6. Presentation skills


  • 7. Perseverance and Resilience


  • 8. Certification preparation curriculum

If you are interested in taking the complete set of courses to prepare for any of the following certification examinations, the curriculum areas are listed below. Each curriculum area will have multiple courses to complete.

See the full list of certification preparation curricula

Areas not covered with Skillsoft/Skillport

  1. CBA Layoff Procedures
  2. Retirement Planning
  3. Cover Letters and Resume Writing