Online Handbook for Managerial, Administrative, and Clerical Employees


The Online Handbook for Managers, Administrators, and Clerical Employees served as a resource at a time when there was no central resource to help standardize practices/procedures at the UO.  More recently, the UO has created a Policy Library, and search functions within the UO website that have provided greater ease in access to the type of information that is housed on OHMAC.  For that reason, OHMAC will no longer be supported. 

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OHMAC, the Online Handbook for Managerial, Administrative, and Clerical Employees, is a centralized link site that allows users to find the information they need to complete daily clerical and administrative tasks without having to know how the UO is organized or search website after website.

OHMAC is organized alphabetically, by topic, and includes a FORMS page and a page of Frequently Asked Questions. The ever-growing list of topics is below.

The content found on OHMAC is for informational purposes only for UO employees.  Unsolicited links will not be accepted.

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Academic Affairs Home Page
Acceptable Use Policy-Computing Resources
Administration: Executive Leadership
Address Change-Employees  (Duck Web)
Advertising: UO Price AgreementsOregon Daily EmeraldOregon Quarterly
Airfare/Air Travel (BAO)
Airport Information: EugenePortland
Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity Home Page
Affirmative Action Plan
Alcohol: University GuidelinesRequest to Serve Alcohol
American's With Disabilities Act  (US Govt. Page)
Appointments Process (Unclassified)
Appropriate use of Banner Information System
Archives/Record Retention  (Library)
Assembly (University) Home Page
Assessments, Overhead Rate Structure  (BAO)
ASUO Legal Services for Students
Automated Call Distribution  (Telecom)
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Banner Access
Banner Access Form
Banner Guide
Benefits-Employee (HR)
Benefits - Quick Summary (HR)
Bicycle Registration (Department of Parking & Transportation)
Bookstore (UO)
Budget and Resource Planning
Building Maintenance (Campus Operations)
Business Affairs Home Page
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Calling Card Rates-for authorized faculty & staff (Telecom)
Campus Map (Interactive)
Campus Map (PDF) 
Campus Operations
Campus Operator
Campus Police (UO Police Department)
Car Rental: Motor PoolVehicle Rental Private Vehicles
Cash/Check Handling (BAO)
Catering Policy
Catering Services (Housing)
Cellular Phone Service (Telecom) (See Mobile Technology Policies in Policy Library)
Change PAC Number-via Duck Web  (Registrar)
Chart of Accounts  (BAO)
Childcare Resources
Classified Staff Training Development Advisory Committee (CSTDAC )
Committee Information Page
Collective Bargaining Agreements
Communications Standards for the UO
Computing-Acceptable Use Policy
Computing Accounts-How to Get One
Computing Help
Conferences-UO Sponsored  (BAO)
Conference Services  (Housing)
Confidentiality of Records Policy: EmployeesStudents
Conflict of Interest: UO Policy
Copyright Clearance  (Copy Services)
Copy Services  (Printing & Mailing Services)
Corporate Travel & Entertainment Card  (BAO)
Criminal Background Check
Custodial Services  (Campus Operations)
Currency Exchange Rates: OANDA Currency Converter
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Departments  (UO Web List)
Deposits, Departmental
Direction/Employee Assistance Program  (HR)
Directory-UO Online Phone Book
Directory Assistance
Disabilities Information: EmployeesStudents;  Telecommunications Assistance
Discrimination-Grievance Procedures
Dispatch-Department of Public Safety
Distribution (Mailing Services)
Diversity At the UO
Domestic Partner Coverage
Driver Certification Process
Drug & Alcohol Policy-UO
Duck Web for Employees
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Earning Statements-Samples/How To Read
Emergencies: Dial 911
Emergency Procedures 
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Employee Benefit Fund
Employee Information Form
Employee Recognition Activities (HR)
Entertainment/Hosting Guidelines
Expenditure Guideline Policy
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Facilities Services (Campus Operations) Home Page
Facilities Operation and Maintenance
Facilities Services Work Request
Faculty Guide to Promotion & Tenure  (Academic Affairs)
Faculty Handbook (Academic Affairs)
Fair Labor Standards Act (US Govt. Website)
Fax Numbers
FMLA-Family Medical Leave Act
FERPA  (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act )
Financial Management Assessments
FIS Guide - Financial Information System
Fitness Opportunities for Faculty & Staff: Health Team Healthy U | PE & Rec
Frequently Asked Questions
FSLA (Fair Labor Standards Act)
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GCIU Labor Agreement (Now Teamsters)
Gifts/Gift Accounts
Grounds keeping (Campus Ops)
GTFF (Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation) Labor Agreement
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Hardship Leave
Holidays: ClassifiedUnclassified
HR Partners Network
HRIS Guide
Human Resources Home Page
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ID Card, EMU 541-346-3113
Inclement Weather Policy
Index Search (FIS)
Information Services
Information Technology for Campus
Injured Workers
International Visitors
Internet Access
Inventory:  Adding Personal Property;   Maintaining Property;   Property Control
Invoice Payments
IT (Information Technology) Training
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Jobs-UO Position Openings  (HR)
Jury Duty
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Lane Transit District (LTD)
Layoffs  (HR)
Leased Property
Legal Services for Students
Limited-Duration Appointments  (HR)
Lock and Door Shop  (Campus Operations)
Lost and Found
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Mail Services
Mailing Lists
Mileage Charts
Mobile Technology Policy, Access to
Mobile Technology Policy, Payment Options for
MotorPool/State Vehicles  (BAO)
Moving Expenses-Employee  (BAO)
Moving Services  (Campus Operations)
Multicultural Resources for Administrators
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Name Change:  Employee;   Student
Network Guest Access
Network Services
New Employee Orientation
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OAR Search
Officers of Administration Council
Officers of Administration Resources  (HR)
Ombuds Program
ORS (Oregon Revised Statutes) Higher Ed Chapters:  351  & 352 
Org Chart-President
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PEBB (Public Employees Benefits Board)
PEBB online benefits log-in  (HR)
Performance Reviews
PERS (Public Employees Retirement System)
Personal Leave:  Classified
Personal Services Contracts (PSC)
Petty Cash
Planning Office (University) Home Page
Position Descriptions
Price Agreements (UO-List)
Printing Services
Private Vehicle Use
Procurement Card Program
Promotion & Tenure
Purchase Orders (FIS Guide) 
Purchase Orders (forms)
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QWEST Dex Phone Book
Quick Copy/Copy Services 


Records Retention Schedule (Archives)  (Library)
Recruiting/Employment  (HR)
Recycling Program - UO Zero Waste Program
Rental Cars  (BAO)
Research and Innovation
Retirement Information  (HR)
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Sabbatical:  Info for Faculty;   Instructions and forms
Safety and Risk Services
Scheduling:  Classrooms;   EMU Facilities
SEIU Local 503 (Classified Employees Union)
SEIU Stewards List
Service Centers (BAO)
Sexual Harassment  (AAEO)
Sick Leave  (HR)
Sponsored Projects Services (SPS)
Staff Rates for Tuition  (HR)
State of Oregon Website
Student Affairs Home Page
Student Accounts/Billing  (BAO)
Student Employment  (HR)
Student Loans  (BAO)
Student Resource Aid  (BAO)
Surplus or Disposal
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Tax Identification Number, UO  (BAO)
Tax Credits (Hope Scholarship/Life Long Learning Credits)  (BAO)
Teamsters Labor Agreement
Telecommunication Services Home Page
Telecommuting  (HR)
Telephone Calling Cards (Telecom)
Telephone Directory  (IT)
Temporary Employees
Training & Development Opportunities-Staff  (HR)
Transgender/Transsexual Philosophy Statement  (HR & Student Affairs)
Travel Administration  (BAO)
Travel Advances  (BAO)
Travel Agencies  (BAO)
Travel Reimbursements
Trial Service-Classified Employees  (HR)
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Unions :  GTFF;   SEIU;   Teamsters
University Assembly Home Page
University Planning Home Page
University Senate Home Page
UO Card Office/Photo ID  (EMU)
UO Style Guide
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Vacation Leave  (HR)
Vacation Leave -Annual Cash Out for SEIU Represented Employees
Video Conferencing  (IT)
Visitor Information:   How to find Campus ;   Visitor Parking
Voice Mail Instructions (IT)
Volunteer Insurance Coverage
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Weather (Effects of Inclement Weather Policy)  (HR)
Web Mail (Log In)
Wire Transfers  (BAO)
Work-Life Resources  (HR)
Worker's Compensation
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OHMAC - Forms, Memos, and Reports


The Online Handbook for Managers, Administrators, and Clerical Employees served as a resource at a time when there was no central resource to help standardize practices/procedures at the UO.  More recently, the UO has created a Policy Library, and search functions within the UO website that have provided greater ease in access to the type of information that is housed on OHMAC.  For that reason, OHMAC will no longer be supported. 

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Below, you will find links to the most commonly used forms, memos, and reports. 

A  ι  B  ι  C ι D ι  E  ι  F  ι  G  ι  H  ι  I  ι  J  ι  K  ι  L  ι  M  ι  N  ι  O  ι  P  ι  Q  ι  R  ι  S  ι  T  ι  U  ι  V  ι  W  ι  X  ι  Y  ι  Z 

If we forgot something, please contact us, and we'll add it.

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Accounts Payable Activation Request - BA
Accounts Payable, Year End - BA
Accounts Receivable, Year End - BA
Alcohol: Permission to Serve Alcohol Beverages
Anonymous Crime Reporting - UOPD
Applicant Data Request form - HR
Application forms
Archives Transmittal Form - Library
Asset Maintenance Form - BA
Attachment Letters 8233 - BA
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Background Check Forms
Banner Access Form
BANNER Data Warehouse Access Form
Bicycle Theft Report - Parking and Transportation
Bill of Sale for University Property - BA
Building Information - Parking and Transportation
Building Reserve Fund Transfer Request - BA
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Carpool Permit Application - Parking and Transportation
Campus Visit Request form
Check Request List - BA
Check, Request for Copy of UO  - BA
Citation Appeal - Parking and Transportation
Classified Employee Recognition Award Nomination Form - HR
Consent to Release Student Job Reference Information - HR
Copier Acquisition - Printing & Mailing Services
Credit Card and ePayment Activity Request form - BA
Criminal Activity Log - Parking and Transportation
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Daily Timesheet (additional time sheet with multiple in and out boxes) - BA
Daily Timesheet Record (Student) - BA
Data Request Forms - HR
Direct Deposit Authorization (attach void check) - BA
Disability Self Identification Form - AAEO
Disbursement Request - BA
Domestic Partner Termination Form - PEBB
Driver Certification Request - Parking and Transportation
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Ecommerce Access Authorization Form - BA
Emeritus Permit Application - Parking and Transportation
Employee Recognition Award - HR
Employee Status Report-FMLA/Medical - HR
Employee Status Report-Workers' Compensation - Environmental Health & Safety
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Faculty Award Recipient Support Form - HR
Faculty/Staff Parking Permit Application - Parking and Transportation
Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Policy & Forms - BA
Fingerprint Appointment - Parking and Transportation
FIS/HRIS/AR User Profile - BA
Flexible Work Schedule Agreement - HR
FMLA Status Report - HR
FMLA Attendance Record - HR
Foreign Bank Draft - BA
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GTF Forms - Graduate School

Hardship Leave Application - HR
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification - BA
ID Request for Non-Employees - BA
Imaging System User Profile - BA
Income Tax Treaties for Independent Contractors - BA
Injury Reporting and Workers' Compensation Forms - Environmental Health & Safety
Inter-Institutional Journal Voucher - BA
International Visitors Declaration Form - BA
Invoice Voucher Form - BA
IRS 8233 (Independent Contractor) - BA
IRS 8233 (Instructions) - BA
IRS W-7 Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) - BA
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Key Order - Parking and Transportation
Laptop Registration - Parking and Transportation
Lead Work Differential Form - HR
Leave of Absence - HR
Legal Name Change Form - BA
Limited-Duration Appointment Memo - HR
Lost Check Form - BA
Lost Check Statement - BA
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Mailing Address, Request to Change - BA
Mailing Order Form - Printing & Mailing Services
Meter Repairs - Parking and Transportation
Mobile Technology Access and Payment Option Request
Name Change Form - BA
NAPO Information - HR
Notification of Preferred First Name - BA
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OFLA/FMLA Attendance Record - HR
Outgoing Wire Transfer - BA
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Parking Meter Repairs - Parking and Transportation
Password Change Request Form - IT
Payroll Checks: Request to U.S. Mail - BA
Performance Appraisal:  Classified | IT Positions - HR
Petty Cash:  Suggested Petty Cash Reconciliation  - BA
Petty Cash: Request for Petty Cash Advance - BA
Photo Copier Acquisition Form - Printing & Mailing Services
Physician/Practitioner Certification Form-Employee Health Condition - HR
Physician/Practitioner Certification Form-Family Member Health Condition - HR
Position Description forms
Printing Job Order Forms - Printing & Mailing Services
Professional Development Opportunity Fund form - HR
Property Disposition Request - BA
Property Donation Form - BA
Property Receipt Form - BA
Purchase Orders (Forms)
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Request for Leave Form - HR
Request to Change Mailing Address - BA
Request to Hire-Classified & Temporary Positions - HR
Reserved Space Permit Application - Parking and Transportation
Resource Aid Requisition - BA
Retirement Checklist - HR
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Sabbatical Application - HR
Search Plan (Sample) - HR
Singularity Access Form - BA
Skill Code Sheet-UO Classified Job Application - HR
Source of Funds - BA
Special Event/Project Parking - Parking and Transportation
Stationery and Preprinted order form- Printing & Mailing Services
Student Employment Form
- BA
Student Parking Permit Application - Parking Transportation
Supervisor's Accident Investigation Report (SAIR) -Risk Mgmt
Surplus Property Sales - BA
Surplus Vehicle Sales - BA
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Temporary Employment Memo - HR
Termination of Domestic Partnership Form - HR
Travel Certification Form - BA
Travel Itinerary for Trips Away from Campus - Parking and Transportation
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UO-NRA - Foreign National Data Request Form
Vehicle Registration Transfer Form - Parking and Transportation
Vendor Direct Deposit (ACH) Authorization - BA
Virtual Merchant Access Form - BA
Visitor and Service Vehicle Permits - Parking and Transportation
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W-2: Request for Duplicate W-2 / 1042-S - BA
W-4 Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate - BA
W-4 International Version - BA
Wire Transfer Form, Outgoing
- BA
Workers' Compensation Claim Form 801 Instructions - Risk Mgmt
Work Out of Class Form - HR
Work-Study Time Sheet Signature Authorization Form (Off-Campus Work-Study Only) - BA
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 Couple on Computer

Back to OHMAC Home Page  To FAQs 

OHMAC - Frequently Asked Questions



ohmac faqs

The Online Handbook for Managers, Administrators, and Clerical Employees served as a resource at a time when there was no central resource to help standardize practices/procedures at the UO.  More recently, the UO has created a Policy Library, and search functions within the UO website that have provided greater ease in access to the type of information that is housed on OHMAC.  For that reason, OHMAC will no longer be supported. 

computer woman 

This list contains links to frequently asked questions on various UO websites. 

A  ι  B  ι  C ι D ι  E  ι  F  ι  G  ι  H  ι  I  ι  J  ι  K  ι  L  ι  M  ι  N  ι  O  ι  P  ι  Q  ι  R  ι  S  ι  T  ι  U  ι  V  ι  W  ι  X  ι  Y  ι  Z 

If we forgot something, please contact us, and we'll add it.

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Academic Advising
Accounting and Financial Management
Admission: Freshman
Applied Information Management
Architecture, Dept. of - Graduate
Architecture, Dept. of - Undergraduate
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Biology, Dept. of
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Campus Cash
Campus Police Department
Chemistry Purchasing Services Group
Cinema Studies
Clinical Services-HEDCO Clinic
Club Sport
College Scholars Program
Community Education Program
Computer and Information Science Graduate Degrees
Confidential Recycling
Copyright, Fair Use, and Library Reserves
Creative Writing Program
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Distance Education
DuckWeb for Employees
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Economics: Graduate Program
Emergency Notification System
Environmental Studies Program
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General Science
Grants: Mac Users
Grants: Pre-Award
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Health Center
HEDCO Clinic
Hosting, Refreshments, Alcohol
Housing: Residence Halls
Human Physiology, Dept. of-Undergraduate
Human Physiology: Graduate Studies in Athletic Training
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Information Technology
International Students

Journalism & Communication, School of

KWVA 88.1 FM

Law School
Law School: Master's in Conflict & Dispute Resolution
Library Reserve Services
Library: Aerial Photography Service
Library: Special Collections and University Archives
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Marching Band, Oregon
MBA Admissions
Moss Street Children's Center
Music & Dance, School of
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National Research Council

OA: Officers of Administration
Online Course Evaluation
Outdoor Program

Parents of Students
Parking and Transportation, Office of
Physics, Dept. of - Graduate
Planning, Public Policy, and Management
Property Control
Public Safety, Dept. of
Purchasing and Contracting Services
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RARE: Resource Assistance for Rural Environments
Recycling Program, Campus
Romance Language - Undergraduate
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Scholars' Bank - UO Libraries
Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory
Students: Billing Account
Students: Dual Enrollment
Students: Financial Services
Students: Freshman Admission
Students: International
Students: Loans
Students: Orientation
Students: Parents FAQ
Students: Past Due Accounts
Students: Payments
Students: Payroll
Students: QuikPAY
Students: Refund of Overpayments
Students: Residency
Students: Transfer
Sustainable Leadership Program
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Technology Services at UO Libraries
Transfer Students
Transferring Credits




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